Samsung Galaxy Note 4

These are the two teasers that Samsung Mobile released for the upcoming product launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I just want to say that I’m way too excited for this, as this will be my first smartphone (well, Android smartphone) purchase ever. I hope I can afford it with the local plans (I’m looking at you Globe and Smart! Whichever has the best offer got me sold!).

I really like how they’re positioning the Note 4 here. Handwriting and crafting, being two of the most important hard skills ever, merged with technology is just mind-blowing. I love you, Samsung, for doing this and I am seriously hoping I get to join your marketing team.

If there’s anything, I’ve always been a Samsung fan, and I will probably remain to be except if they screwed up over something.

Really can’t wait for this, and throw Sims 4 and the Manila International Book Fair into the mix, September is gonna be pretty kickass this 2014 – and I’m so glad it’s my birth month.



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